Frequently Asked Questions

Is it allowed to bring food and beverages from the outside?

Yes! We now have a pic-nic zone on our 2nd floor mezzanine for customers who want to bring their own food. This zone is accessible every day, including week-ends, ped days and holidays.

On week-end days, the pic-nic zone can only be accessed when it comes to having lunch or snacks. It is not possible to set-up to celebrate a birthday in the pic-nic zone.

Can we leave Funtropolis and come back within the same day?

No. The access fee is for one visit only, and it is not possible to leave Funtropolis and come back the same day.

Can we bring our own cake to celebrate a birthday?

Yes! It is possible by reserving a table with our serf-serve package.

Should we reserve at Funtropolis prior to a family visit?

No. Reservations are only required for groups (schools, day camps, other large groups) and table reservations for birthdays. We always have room for our guests in general admission!

Is it possible to leave our kids at Funtropolis, and pick them back later?

No. Every child under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all time while at Funtropolis.

Do all the adults entering Funtropolis have to pay the admission price, even if they have no intention of going in the play structures?

Yes. All the adults must pay the admission price, either they intend to play in the structures or not. However, it is free for grand-parents over 60 years old.

Are Funtropolis' play structures safe?

Yes. Security of our customers is our top priority. All of our play structures exceed safety regulations in effect in Canada and recommended by the manufacturers.