Self-Serve Birthday
Procedure and rules:


  • Upon reservation:
    • $80.50 deposit required
  • On party day, you must:
    • Arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your guests
    • Pay in advance for the package and the additional guests expected
  • Please note:
    • Additional guests who are not paid in advance must pay on arrival
    • We will reimburse you for the prepaid guests who didn’t show up
  • Table is reserved for 4 hours
  • You can bring a tablecloth and decorations (also for sale at our snack bar)
  • Unlimited juice and soft drinks: please ask at the kitchen on the second floor 

Food Options:

**You can bring your own food**

  • No access to a refrigerator or a micro-wave
  • No glass containers
  • No nuts or peanuts

**You can have outside delivery**

  • Let us know if you are ordering food from the outside
  • Inform the delivery restaurant of the table number and name of the Birtyday child
  • Delivery directly to your table

Kid meals also available:

  • You must order directly at the snack bar
  • Choice of chicken nuggets or sandwich: $3.75/meal
  • Choice of hot-dog or pogo: $3.25/meal
  • Served with French fries or veggies

Cake Options:

Bring the cake of your choice

  • No access to a refrigerator or a micro-wave
  • No nuts or peanuts

Buy a Funtropolis-themed cake

  • $19.99+tx
  • Order directly at our snack bar
  • Delivered directly to your table
  • 1/2 chocolate + 1/2 vanilla
  • 12 to 14 kid portions

Other Options:

  • Pitcher of coffee: $8
  • Milk 2% (2L): $4.95
  • Loot bags: $3.50/bag

Are forbidden:

  • Food containing nuts or peanuts
  • Glass containers
  • Alcohol
  • Sparkler candles
  • Helium inflated balloons not attached to a weight