**Reimbursement in full of the birthday parties deposits**

Following the temporary closure of our facilities, we have already reimbursed in full many deposits made for birthday party reservations, and we will immediately reimburse in full all reservations made until Sunday, April 5th inclusively. If your deposit was made in cash or in person, we will reimburse you as soon as we will be in a position to reopen our facilities following government’s indications.

For all reservations made for a later date, we are closely monitoring the evolution of the situation, and will me making a decision in the upcoming weeks. If you would like to immediately cancel your reservation, please send us an email and we will reimburse you in full.
Laval: fun@funtropolis.ca
St-Hubert: funsthubert@funtropolis.ca

When the situation will be back to normal, all cancelled reservations wil have priority to make a new reservation. We are looking forward to hosting your next outing once life takes in regular course back!

Your birthday at Funtropolis with…

2 free Spin Zone rides per child!!


  • 2 rides of our Spin Zone bumper cars per child (including additional children)!
  • Admission for 6 children and 2 adults
    • Additionnal guests:
      • Children (3 years old and +): $16.95+tx, including 2 rides of Spin Zone
      • Children (1-2 years old): $6.95+tx
      • Adults: $6.95+tx
      • Grands-parents: free!
  • 2 pitchers of fruit punch
  • Exclusive space for 4 hours
  • Personnalized greeting of your guests
  • Bring your own cake and food
  • Decorate the table to your taste
  • Free admission for the next visit of the birthday child
  • Surprises exclusive to Funtropolis for the birthday child!
  • Attractions included:
    • Ball-o-City
    • Giant Play Maze
    • Giant Spider Web
    • Trampolines
    • Ziplines
    • Triple Wave Slides
    • Laser Frenzy
    • Time Freak
    • Atomic Rush


Other conditions:  

  • Discount for a party with arrival at  9:00am
    • 50$ refund (package at $125+tx, instead of $175+tx) when all your guests arrive before 9:30am
    • 12.95$+tx per additional child with arrival before 9:30am, incuding 2 rides of Spin Zone (1 ride included with the early bird special + 1 ride with the party package)
    • $16.95+tx per additional child with arrival after 9:30am, including 2 rides of Spin Zone
  • Switch the table for a private room for an extra $100+tx ($275+tx instead of 175$+tx)
    • Private room accomodates up to 25 people
  • Beverages :
    • 2 pitchers of Fruit punch
    • Pitchers of water unlimited 
  • Exclusive space for the total duration of the party
    • Table fits a maximum of 10 people. Additional table $15
    • Table reserved for 4 hours
    • You must arrive at the time of your reservation
  • Personalized greeting of your guests
    • Prepayment of the general admission prices of your additional guests
    • We greet your guests and direct them to your table
  • Create your own event
    • Decorate the table at your own taste
    • You must bring your own cake
    • Bring your food, order from our snack bar or have outside food delivered to your table
  • For the birthday child:
    • Free admission for the next visit
    • Surprises exclusive to Funtropolis !