Spin Zone Bumper Cars

Try our new Spin Zone Bumper Cars 12-car arena! It’s your chance to bump into your friends as you please, in a craaaazzzyyy musical and luminous ambiance!


Atomic Rush

Face your friends in this atomic sprint, where you have to make maximum points by touching the luminous sensors. From 1 to 4 players, with 4 levels of difficulty, be ready for the colorful rush!


Play Maze

The 4 levels of our impressive giant play maze are full of obstacles and challenges for the kids and their parents. You will need to straddle over, crawl under or squeeze between the giant foam rolls, slide down the zipline, jump on one of the trampolines, and slide one of the many slides to get our of our giant multicolored structure.



On the main floor of our giant maze, a section is reserved to our youngest guests of under 3 years old. Toddlers will be amused by diving in the ball pit, laying down on the giant cushions and riding the mini cars. A small slide and a trampoline are also reserved exclusively for our younger guests. This safe environment also provides multiple seated places for the parents’ comfort.


Funtropolis is the first amusement center in Quebec to offer the Ball-o-City. This vast play area of multiple floors includes dozens of air canons used to propel thousands of multi-color balls, as well as giant canons and ball fountains. Through all those balls flying everywhere, will you be the target or the shooter?


Our arcades section has games for all ages. This section has racing games, air hockey tables, pinball machines, candy cranes, and many kiddy rides for the younger visitors.


The spies-to-be will have a chance to demonstrate their abilities in this dark room filled with lasers. Your mission, if you accept it, is to avoid the laser beams while crossing to the room back and forth. Track your score and compare it to your friends’!


The competitive spirit of the young and older guests will be solicited in this race against the clock. The adjacent red and green rooms contain a number of buttons that light up randomly, and need to be pushed off by the competitors. The winner or winning team will be the one who can push the most lights out in the 60 second game.

Spider web

The 2 giant towers of more than 7 meters filled with elastics will put to work the athletic abilities of those who will dare climbing them. When you reach the top of the spider web, a giant slide will bring you back down.


Exclusively offered at Funtropolis, the X-Rider is a 4D simulator that will immerse you in one of our multiple shorts films to choose from. Should you choose a roller coaster simulation or an animation movie, the X-Rider will give you a 3 dimension view, transport you on our 360° movement platform and submerge you by the special effects of wind, snow and bubbles. And unforgettable experience to plan for your next visit!

Wave slide

The fans of speed and strong sensations will choose one of our 3 giant waved slides to get out of our giant play maze. The slides being next to each other, it gives you a perfect occasion to compare your speed with your friends’.


There are multiple trampolines to jump on in our giant maze. The cushions and nets surrounding each trampoline will ensure security of our guests of all ages.


Be transported through the air along a cable of one of our ziplines, located in the giant maze.