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Our attractions

Let the fun begin!

Spin Zone

Beware of the reckless drivers! You will shamelessly enjoy bumping into your friends and your child! Children can drive their own car from 5 years old and 36" (92 cm) high.


Excursion in the dinosaur park, toy car race, ride in the Far-West: our attraction offers 18 3D movies with its rocking seats and bubble, snow and wind effects!


Thousands of colored balls flying all around... try to avoid being hit while aiming at the other players... before running out of munitions!

Giant Spider Web

A lot of fun and massive efforts to climb our 2 giant towers of more than 7 meters (24') are filled with elastics.

Laser Frenzy

The most skilled spies-to-be will have a chance to demonstrate their abilities in this dark room filled with lasers... are you part of the elite spies?

Time Freak

Challenge your friends in this race against the clock!

Atomic Rush

This attraction generates an adrenaline rush for the players facing each other!

Giant Play Maze

Crawn under the obstacles, squeeze between the rolls and find your way back in this colorful structure!

Triple Wave Slide

Green, yellow or orange, our 3 triple wave slides are the fastest way to escape from the giant play maze!


Multiple trampolines surrounded by cushions and nets will ensure security of our guests of all ages.


Be transported through the air along a cable of one of our ziplines, located in the giant maze.

Toddler Area

A section is reserved to our youngest guests of under 3 years old.


Our arcades section has games for all ages.